How it all began.

When you need to write about yourself you need to stop. Look around. Remember how it was and how it became.


It turned out to be quite difficult, emotionally and touchingly. when you write about yourself, it's always very exciting and tidy.

I remember how my journey on "the true path" began.



I remember how I moved to St. Petersburg from little Novodvinsk. Alone. Going nowhere. How I worked night shifts at a pizzeria, and in the morning went to college without a sleep.


How there was 42 rubles in the pocket was, exactly enough for bus to college and back. How I lived in communal apartment, where there were 12 rooms of neighbors. It was all part of me.


8 years ago I needed to change. The feeling that everything should not be like that and unwillingness that I do not want to put up with mediocrity, pushed me forward. Step by step, one by one. 8 years I needed to learn to listen to myself, so that I could learn not to betray myself.

Do not betray yourself means to dare to do only as you want, as you think. And it doesn't matter what others say or think.

Studying at the institute, I tried my best to plug my ears, just not to hear the "opinion" of teachers of the last generation.

Do not you notice that most people live by opinions? But not facts.

My business started with a paper rose that I made at home. Just like that. For myself.

Then I made a wall of flowers. For myself. I just really wanted to.
I received the feedback instantly. Enthusiastic reviews, wow. But there were opinions too: "Well, what are you going to glue on papers for a long time?", "When will you find a normal job?" "Well, flowers are a pampering, but you have to think about the future now. How long are you going to be engaged in nonsense?"


Opinions. I don't care.


I now see from here what a dense forest of opinions I have overcome.
What helped me? Probably, faith in myself.


I didn't start earning my business at once. First, a year I stubbornly deceived myself, working in lesion. This is when you are afraid to call the price and consciously persuade yourself that what you are doing is not of great value.
Everyone lives in this stage for a different time. I'm not the most masochist, I got off fairly quickly.

The next step is to learn how to delegate. Uuh. Not easy. But with growth it's inevitably. A person who does not know how to delegate won't grow up. A person who believes that he'll do everything better still than anyone doesn't grow up.

Having learned to trust others, I was able to organize a cool team of masters around me! This is the moment when you feel that you're all-mighty! Well-coordinated teamwork is really powerfull!


A responsibility.

Perhaps, I know why one gets, but the other does not.
Not everyone can take responsibility for what is happening. Not everyone.


But, there is good news, you can raise responsibility in yourself.
If you are not blaming yourself for everything that surrounds you, you are not the one who takes responsibility for your life.


And risk and suspense are normal for the entrepreneur. This environment is not suitable for everyone, this is another answer, why someone gets it, and someone doesn't. Uncertainty. What awaits me ahead? Depends only on me.

I am often asked why I tell everything so easily and easily. Why don't I hide all the secrets under seven seals?
Because the law "the more you give - the more you receive" more works for all 250%. Try it. You won't regret.


I often here that I'm making competitors. See above about opinions. I think there will be enough space for everyone. Really, we all do not have enough customers? It's funny.


They say to me: it can not be so good. It doesn't happen this way. What do you mean "doesn't happen"? It happens, and happens deservedly! And I'm proud of it.


I am grateful to everyone who writes me, supports with sincere words. It gives a lot of strength! There are a lot of ambitions, grandiose plans, a positive attitude!

In general, we walk boldly with proudly raised head! And do not fall behind! We are always sincerely, interesting and useful! Join our group, join our community of creative. I guarantee a lot of ​​advices, benefits and support! We can make giant flowers! We are pro! If you want to learn, we're waiting for you!

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