The instruction to watch the video tutorial on "Antitreningi platform"

How to open the video tutorial?

Thank you for purchasing our master classes!


We have moved to a new platform that allows us to protect copyright, protect video tutorials from copying and overwriting. And for you is a convenient profile and quick access to all master classes.

We are telling you how to use our new and super cool “Antitreningi” platform.


Platform advantages:


  • All master classes are in one account.
  • A quick consultation is always available for you in the lesson. You can always leave a message.  
  • Access to the master class is not limited. (except the Yearly subscription)


After payment of the master class you will receive an invitation to the e-mail from the "Antitreningi Service»

You need to open the letter and go to the green button "Start learning»

In the new window, enter the email and come up with a password for the account.

Once you have created your account, all the master classes you have purchased will be displayed here.


At the top left there is a menu:


  • Courses - all your master classes are displayed there
  • Lessons - it shows all the additional materials for the lesson
  • Messages - you can always ask us a question :)

Choose a master class, open it. You have three “lessons”:


  1. Video tutorial
  2. Patterns
  3. List of suppliers.


You always need to start with the first lesson to open the next " lesson" at the end of the page you need to click "Go to the next lesson" and then you will have access to the patterns and the list of suppliers.


Enjoy watching and working on the site!

How to open the video tutorial with "Protection"?

To open a master class with  “protection”:


  • Open the video tutorial, above the video there is a button "Install".
  • Click the Install button. (You will need to install an infoprotector plagin). 

The installation instruction will open in a new window. By default, the plugin starts downloading automatically. If this does not happen, click on the first line "1. Download the installation file."

Go back to the platform and open the video Tutorial, it offers us to open the application "Infoprotector", open it.

In the new window, you will see the key, the serial number that you have to activate. Click the "activate" button.

Enter your mobile phone number -> enter the code that will come through SMS to your phone.

The key is activated automatically, then immediately the player starts playing the master class.

You need to activate the key only once, then the master class will open automatically.


* If the installation fails, please try to do  this operation in another browser. Viewing tutorials are possible only on a PC or laptop.


Enjoy watching and working on the site!


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