Master class "Eucalyptus"

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Eucalyptus video tutorial.
This video tutorial is designed for beginners who want to try a new creativity and discover an interesting hobby.
You will find step by step instructions and detailed explanations of creating a flower.  The video tutorial has English subtitles.
We use only inexpensive materials. The price of a flower is minimal! The pattern is included.
We recommend you to pay attention to the set of master classes Eucalyptus + Cotton! Click here!

You will need: 
- penelon / isolon (soundproof material)
- florist’s wire
- contact super glue
- paint
- paint roller / paint brush
- scissors
- office knife
- electrical tape

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Will show and tell:
- What the material we use. Where to buy.
-  Choose high-quality paint. We use paint that does not capture!
-  How to paint it at home.
-  How to place leaves to make the branch more realistic.
-  How to make the strong branch.
- Two ways of decorating it.

You will create a big eucalyptus. It is about 50 cm. The secrets of how to make so leafy branch and paint it at home.

Almost in all of our arrangements we add greenery, namely, eucalyptus branches. This eucalyptus branch will add lightness and completeness to the bouquet or arrangement. The video tutorial is designed by Anna Tsvetkova’s s decor studio for beginners who want to try a new hobby, discover an interesting creativity and for masters who are looking for a new idea for their design.

With the help of our video tutorial you will make eucalyptus easily. In this master all stages of creating a branch are described in detail. Try it with us!

Master class lasting 45 minutes

You will receive a link to the storage location of the master class. (Check your inbox or spam folder).
 You can watch it at any time, it will always be available. You need an Internet connection to view.

Patterns of petals are attached to the master class.
Do not know where to buy the material? No problem! A list of suppliers is attached to the video tutorial.

If you try to overwrite the video tutorial, access to the master class will be closed.
Attention! Unauthorized distribution and copying is strictly forbidden.

Have a question? Write us on Whatsapp  +79313481796 or click the telephone number
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