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This course can be purchased with an additional discount on the trade inn program of your master classes (we will recalculate the cost of the course for you depending on how many master classes you already bought from us). To do this, write to us on WhatsApp or e-mail.
Video master classes:
- Rose from Isolon
- Crepe paper peony (1.0, 40cm)
- Crepe paper peony (2.0, 60cm, new assembly)
- Peony rose made of corrugated paper
- Ranunculus from Isolon
- Rose giant from Isolon
- Cotton
- Chamomile from Isolon
- Eucalyptus
- Organza Delphinium
- Organza Peony
- Dahlia from EVA
- Flower made of plastic
- Organza Anemone
- Set of peonies (subtitles in progress, date of 
release 27.02.2020)
- Peony from foamiran (subtitles in progress date of release 27.02.2020)
- Rose made of paper
- Paper hydrangea

Video recording of our workshops:
-Workshop June 2017 (Topics: Peony 2.0, Anemone isolon, rose from Isolon)
-Workshop October 2017 (Topics: Peony 2.0, Rose, Arches and photo zones, cost, mounts)
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