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Hello! Glad to see you on our website!

We have compiled a set for you that is ideal for beginners. You can get acquainted with the basic techniques of flower assembly, as well as get to know our studio closer.

All lessons are translated into English by subtitles!

1. Rose from paper
2. Hydrangea from paper
3. Organza Peony
1. Instructions for making roses from Isolon
2. Instructions for making a set of peonies (corrugated paper
3. EVA poppy flower

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Set of four workshops and two instructions
You will need:
To create large paper roses and hydrangeas you will need:
- Whatman paper (or designer paper, more about it in MK);
- glue gun with a capacity of approximately 65 watts;
- glue sticks;
- sharp comfortable scissors.

To create a Peony from organza you will need:
- organza
- scissors
- glue
- artificial stamens
- wire, floristic wire
- tape
- fabric contour
- lighter / candle
- fabric paint

To create a Rose from Isolon, you will need:
- isolon 1.5 m2
- electric stove
- scissors
- hot gun
- glue sticks
- a piece of plastic pipe
- brush

To create a set of peonies you will need:
- corrugated paper
- hot gun and glue sticks (gun from 60 W + any sticks to it)
- scissors, ruler
- foil
- floristic wire
- PVA glue
- cardboard
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