Master class "Peony 2.0 from crepe paper"

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Peony 2.0  from crepe paper video tutorial.
This video tutorial is designed for beginners who want to try a new creativity and discover an interesting hobby.

You will find step by step instructions and detailed explanations of creating a flower.  The video tutorial has English subtitles.
We use only inexpensive materials. The price of a flower is minimal! The pattern is included.

You will need: 
- crepe paper
- hot gun
- glue sticks
- whatman paper
- scissors
- polypropylene pipe
- reinforced plastic pipe
- pipe - cutter
-  plastic bowl
- spade drill
- plastic – covered wire
- cutting pliers
- electrical tape

Price: about 70 USD (depends of RUB rate). The price will convert automatically.

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For technical reasons, you may be invited to the training platform with a delay up to 24 hours. Please don't worry, we'll add everyone.
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 You will know:
- everything about stems and leaves.
- techniques of shaping. How to shape the petals. As a result you will be able to make a free standing, volumetric, fluffy peony.
- information about peony stems. And more, several ways to make a reliable and beautiful floor base for the stem!
- Methods of painting with an aerograph. You will know how to use the aerograph to make the flower more realistic.

All flowers are different, beautiful in their own way. The variety of shapes and colors of the petals, the complex structure of buds and leaves can confuse the beginner decorator. How to create the volume, fluffy petals of a peony and make it realistic? No need to be afraid, you need to try!

Anna Tsvetkova's decor Studio are constantly looking for new shapes and put into practice various ideas to create large colors that are hardly distinguishable from the original (except for the nature size, of course). We developed the technique of this peony by ourself! There were long months of training and testing!  The result of our work was an improved master class "Peony 2.0", which describes in detail the creation of a peony from crepe paper.

You can experiment by yourself, but you can take all of my schticks and even without the experience create this beauty.
Try to create it with us and you will be surprised how easy it is. We generously share the techniques of creation, reveal the secrets of skill and do not gloss over the details.
And after it you can make a beautiful flower that will be a worthy decoration of the holiday, photo zone or just an unusual detail of the interior.
There are many techniques for creating big peonies from crepe paper and a large number of lessons that describe the stages of its creation. But we can say with confidence that our master class is the best, because the video tutorial is based on live experience: we teach only what we know and use ourselves. All flowers from our workshops were used in the design of events and photo zones.

Master class lasting 60 minutes is placed on the servers of the “Internet education Antitreningi company”, owned by Anna Tsvetkova.

After ordering you will be automatically invited to the training platform. You will receive the receipt, the invitation to the site from the ANTITRENINGI service to your email.
You will receive a link to the storage location of the master class. (Check your inbox or spam folder).
You can watch it at any time, it will always be available. You need an Internet connection to view.

Patterns of petals are attached to the master class.
Do not know where to buy the material? No problem! A list of suppliers is attached to the video tutorial.

Attention! Unauthorized distribution and copying is strictly forbidden.
If you try to overwrite the video tutorial, access to the master class will be closed.

Have a question? Write us on Whatsapp  +79313481796 or click the telephone number
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