Free master class "Ranunculus from crepe paper"

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Ranunculus from crepe paper video tutorial.
This video tutorial is designed for beginners who want to try a new creativity and discover an interesting hobby.

You will find step by step instructions and detailed explanations of creating a flower.  The video tutorial has English subtitles.
We use only inexpensive materials. The price of a flower is minimal! The pattern is included.
You will need: 

- crepe paper
- glue gun with a power of about 65 Watts
- glue sticks
- sharp, comfortable scissors
- polypropylene pipе
- plastic foam ball 

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You will know:
- How to make petals and work with crepe paper.
- How to make the inside base.
- How to attach the flower on the stem.
- How to decorate flower with sepals 

You will create a large flower. It is about 40 cm in diameter. All the secrets of how to make so bright and colorful flower from crepe paper.

The light bud of ranunculus, consisting of delicate and lush petals, will not be unnoticed! Due to the variety of natural colors Ranunculus can be used in the design of any event. Light pink flowers note the elegance of the wedding ceremony, and more intense, cherry and bright red, will help to create a spectacular photo zone.

Anna Tsvetkova’s studio creates the video tutorials that are understandable to everyone. We will show and tell you how to make Ranunculus of crepe paper and get a lot of pleasure from the process. Starting with the choice of material and ending with the types of durable fasteners. And advanced decorators will not be bored — we generously share techniques for creating realistic colors.
Master class lasting 40 minutes is placed on the servers of the Internet education company, owned by Anna Tsvetkova.
After ordering you will be automatically invited to the training platform. You will receive the invitation to the site from the ANTITRENINGI service to your email.
You will receive a link to the storage location of the master class. (Check your inbox or spam folder).

You can watch it at any time, it will always be available.
Patterns of petals are attached to the master class.
Do not know where to buy the material? No problem! A list of suppliers is attached to the video tutorial.
Attention! Unauthorized distribution and copying is strictly forbidden.

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