DIY tutorial "Ranunculus from isolon"

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Ranunculus from isolon video tutorial.
This video tutorial is designed for beginners who want to try a new creativity and discover an interesting hobby.

You will find step by step instructions and detailed explanations of creating a flower.  The video tutorial has English subtitles.
We use only inexpensive materials. The price of a flower is minimal! The pattern is included.

You will need: 
- isolon
- paint
- spray gun
- compressor
- aluminum foil
- cardboard
- hot gun
- glue sticks
- hotplate
- scissors
- masking tape
- polypropylene pipe
- spoon
- plastic bowl
-  plastic ball
- goggles, hat, spray mask, gloves

Overview of this tutorial
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This video tutorial is original in Russian with English subtitles.
You will learn:
- What is isolon? Where to buy and which one to choose? All about isolon.
-  The expense of a material. Learn how to calculate material consumption.
- Work with isolon using various tools, what tools to use.
-  Techniques of shaping. All the characteristics and properties of this material, how to work with them, how to shape the petals. Shape the flower in several ways. 
 - How to use a glue gun correctly. Recommendations, characteristics of a gun.
-  What colors to use. Comparison of paints. All about tools for painting and about the paint itself - supplier contacts and links with tools.
- All about the spray gun and how to work with it. Choose the technique of painting with a spray gun or airbrush, depending on the purpose. Work with it.
- Attach the flower on the stem or on the wall.  Two mounting options with a stem pipe and a flat base or a wall.

You will create a large flower. It is 50-60 cm in diameter. All the secrets of how to make so colorful bud! And paint the flower using a spray gun.

It is impossible to look away from the magnificent ranunculus! Volume Bud of delicate petals looks great in the interior of the house, and in the design of the photozone or different events.
Have you already got the idea to create your own hands Ranunculus from isolon?

Then purchase a video tutorial, which was prepared by Anna Tsvetkova’s décor studio and create your masterpiece with our help! All our master classes contain methods and techniques that really work.

Master class lasting 90 minutes

You will receive a link to the storage location of the master class. (Check your inbox or spam folder).
You can watch it at any time, it will always be available. You need an Internet connection to view.

Patterns of petals are attached to the master class.
Do not know where to buy the material? No problem! A list of suppliers is attached to the video tutorial.

If you try to overwrite the video tutorial, access to the master class will be closed.
Attention! Unauthorized distribution and copying is strictly forbidden.
Have a question? Write us on Whatsapp  +79313481796 or click the telephone number
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