Video record of live 3-day workshop "Giant flowers and backdrops, arches"

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Video record of live 3-day workshop "Giant flowers and backdrops arches".
If you want to learn the art of creating giant realistic flowers, video course "Giant flowers from different modern materials + photo zones" is for you!

This is record of live three-day author's training by Anna Tsvetkova, which contains answers on all questions about giant flowers and using them in decoration. This is training program from zero to pro. It also contains patterns for all flowers, you need only to print and cut them.

After watching this course you will be able to create lush peony from crepe paper, rose from EVA, poppy, anemone and of course you will know everything about construction of photo zones and how to attach any flowers to them. Mount the fluffy arch and a giant bouquet.

You will learn how to work with different modern materials, learn main tips and schticks how to shape petals. If you'll know basic techniques, you will be able to create any flower of any size and diameter.

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You will need for a peony: 
- crepe paper
- hot gun
- glue sticks
- whatman paper
- scissors
- polypropylene pipe
- reinforced plastic pipe
- pipe - cutter
- plastic bowl
- spade drill
- plastic – covered wire
- cutting pliers
- electrical tape
You will need for a rose:
- EVA foam
- hotplate
- aluminum foil
- scissors
- hot gun
- glue sticks
- cable ties
- cardboard
Also you will know how to paint and tint flowers, how to make them look realistic.
The main purpose of the course is to learn how to work with different materials.

You will know how to make amazing photos of your flowers, after all good photo is 90% of success. 

There is one more important theme in this course - how to promote yourself and how to make a profit on this. You will know which contractors to ask about construction, how to form a price on your flowers. 

Course contains everything you want to know about paper.

Our legendary peony. In the course step-by-step technique of assembly of big peony 50-60cm in diameter is considered. You will know all secrets about how to make button more volumetric, lush and realistic. Also we will teach you how to make closed button step-by-step.

We will review different modern materials: isolon, EVA, etc. We'll tell you about all characteristics and properties of these materials, how to work with them, how to shape petals. We will consider 4 main techniques which will help you to create any flower you want. We'll tell you everything about painting and tinting isolon, about instruments and paints.

Analysis of flowers: anemone, poppy, ranunculus. Detailed schemes of constructing with patterns. You are need only to print and cut them.

Rose from EVA 50cm in diameter. Step-by-step construction technique.

Everything you want to know about photo zones. Types of construction, all technical decisions, tips and tricks in installations. Detailed information about attaching flowers to different surfaces. Everything about big flowers, stems, basics and leaves. 

Price formation. How to calculate prime cost of rose, peony, photo zones and composition.

Working with client. Stages. Sketches, visualisations, decisions about composition.
This video course contains answers on all of the questions you've wanted to ask and even more! 
Master class lasting 310 minutes

You will receive a link to the storage location of the master class. (Check your inbox or spam folder).
 You can watch it at any time, it will always be available. You need an Internet connection to view.

Patterns of petals are attached to the master class.
Do not know where to buy the material? No problem! A list of suppliers is attached to the video tutorial.

If you try to overwrite the video tutorial, access to the master class will be closed.
Attention! Unauthorized distribution and copying is strictly forbidden.
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