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 "Large flowers from various modern materials"
Record 3-day training in St. Petersburg 
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After viewing this course, you will learn how to work with various modern materials, learn basic techniques and chips how to shape the petals. Knowing the basic techniques, you can collect a flower of any shape and diameter.

After viewing this course you will be able to make a peony, rose, poppy from different materials. Learn to properly color and tonify flowers, make them realistic.

The goal of the course is to learn how to work with different materials.
You will learn how to draw a sketch, as well as beautifully photograph your work
The course touches on the topic - how to start promoting yourself and how to start earning money on the flower business. Which contractors should be contacted about the design. How to form a price for your flowers
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Description of the video course "Large flowers from various modern materials"

1. Materials used. All about design and corrugated paper.
Characteristics. Where to buy. How much to buy. What to buy. Prices. Paper consumption.

2.Pion of corrugated paper. Patterns. How to cut prepare the petals to build the flower.
Schemes and phased assembly of the peony. How to plant a flower on the stem.

3. All about the growth colors. What to do stems and stands for growth colors. What materials to choose. Prices.
What to do with a photozone.
How to assemble a frame for a photon. What are the wireframes. Which is better to choose a skeleton

4. Learn how to draw a sketch. Transfer our ideas to paper
Basics of drawing, composition. How to draw flowers are simple techniques for drawing colors of different shapes. Step-by-step drawing schemes

5. Various modern materials for large flowers. Isolon, Penolon, EVA, Foamiran. Their properties and thickness. How to shape the petals - the basic movements that allow you to make any flower.
How and with what help tools to heat. We try different materials

6. How to paint isolon and EVA. What colors and tools to use. What color to choose so that it does not crack. Methods of coloring. Subtlety and coloring chips, drawing for a more realistic look.

7. Rose from the isolon. The principle of assembly. Patterns. How to shape the rose petals. Phased assembly. Sepals. Toning the flower with an airbrush.
Cost and how to calculate the cost of a flower

8. Compositional solutions-how to harmoniously compose flowers in a composition. The golden section.

9. Poppy from EVA. Patterns. How to make the middle of the poppy. Details, middle drawing. How to shape the petals. Gradual assembly of the flower. Realistic - the drawing of shadows and veins airbrush. How to draw details by airbrush

10. Answers to the most frequently asked questions. Real cases and the results of students for 3 days of training.

All about how to correctly calculate the cost of flowers.

11. Basic rules for photographing your work. How to organize a space for taking pictures at home.
Useful applications for photo processing.
The course includes both video files and text files with schemas and vendor lists.
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