Master classes of making big flowers

The gentle arrangement of large peonies and roses charms and attracts the eye.
And if this arrangement is about the size of a man? Admiration guaranteed!
However, what could be easier than to take paper, scissors and create your own masterpiece? Believe me, it is impossible for everyone, even if you never did it before! Anna Tsvetkova’s décor studio is happy to share their unique experiences to create large flowers.
 In our video master classes in detail describes how to make a stylish arrangement of flowers with your own hands.
Video tutorials of big flowers will be useful not only for masters, but also for beginners. We describe in detail what materials and tools you will need to create, as well as give advice on the choice:
  •  Isolon, crepe paper, EVA, design paper;
  •  Working tools
  •  Materials for creation the stems and stands for the arrangement of big flowers, as well as all kinds of designs for photo zones.

In our author's video tutorials showed all the secrets to know how to create large flowers and the most important thing is how to make it realistic.
Anna Tsvetkova’s décor studio is
  •  The professional team who loves their work.
  •  Unique style.
  •  Modern trends in the design of places and open spaces.
  •  Discounts and bonuses for our students;
  •  Love to every detail in the creation of master classes.
Are you a master? Or just a beginner in this flower art? Join us and discover a new hobby or even a life's work! You can do it!
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